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GenWare Tumblers are attractive, functional and ideal for hotels, bars and restaurants.

GenWare Tumblers are attractive, functional and ideal for hotels, bars and restaurants.

  • Durable and consistent level of quality manufactured glass with excellent clarity
  • Beaded rim ensures strength on vulnerable edges, minimising chipping and lengthens lifespan

Product Care:

All Glasses- Do not put cold liquids straight into hot or warm glasses as this can cause cracks.

Hot Drinks Glasses- To prolong the life of hot drinks glasses and reduce the risk of thermal shock, ensure the glass is at room temperature prior to use. These glasses are suitable for Lattes and Hot Chocolates served at a maximum temperature of 65C. Using the glasses at higher temperatures increases the risk of thermal shock. We do not recommend using boiling water.


Our range of glassware is designed to be washed in commercial glasswashers, except our Double Walled glasses, which should be hand washed only. To ensure the on-going quality of the product we recommend the following. All new glasses should be washed before first use.

Glassware should not be washed at temperatures above 60C as this can cause debris to be baked onto the glasses during the washing process. Glasses that are found to have been cracked or chipped in use should be disposed of and not placed into the dishwasher. Non-caustic detergents should be used as caustic detergents can damage and dull the surface of the glass.


To avoid damage to glassware when not in use, we recommend storing glassware in correctly sized compartment glass racks. Do not stack glassware that is not recommended as stackable. Do not store or place cutlery in glasses as this can damage and mark the surface of the glass.

  • Variant: Hiball / CASE (1x6)
  • Brand: Neville's