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GenWare Ice Cream Scoop Size 24 1.5oz

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Case Size | PIECE (1X1)

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Make serving ice cream a breeze with the GenWare Ice Cream Dipper. Its clever design includes a handle with a conductive fluid, allowing it to warm up effortlessly in your hand for quick and perfect results. With the capacity to serve 24 scoops per litre, this utensil lets you easily control portion sizes, minimizing waste and ensuring a consistent presentation. Cleaning is hassle-free – just rinse it with water and let it air dry, giving you more time for other important kitchen duties.
•Lightweight, making them easy to handle for extended periods
•Despite their lightness, aluminium is a durable material, providing a robust and long-lasting tool for serving ice cream
•Corrosion-resistant, ensuring that the ice cream scoop remains in good condition over time also providing longevity
•Our scoops are filled with liquid, designed to transfer heat from the hand, simplifying the process of cutting through ice cream and making serving more effortless.

  • Variant: PIECE (1X1)
  • SKU: NV-2545-24
  • Brand: Neville's

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