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Horeca Laminate Tray Knidos 36cm

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Case Size | PIECE (1X1)

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Made from premium laminate, these durable and practical trays are perfect for a variety of establishments including canteens, coffee shops and fast food restaurants. The trays offer good resistance to breakages, stains and scratches as well as excellent heat resistance to 80C. The trays feature an attractive wood finish and a durable, clear non-slip coating preventing crockery and glasses from sliding, reducing the risk of drops and spills.
•Made from Laminate material
•Attractive Wood finish
•Features a durable, clear non-slip surface
•Heat Resistance: -10 to 80C
•Not suitable for heated meal trolleys
•Stackable for space-efficient storage

  • Variant: PIECE (1X1)
  • Brand: Neville's