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Mercury Fire Glass Sparkling Wine Bucket

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When it comes to serving and presenting champagne, the Mercury Fire Champagne Bucket is in a league of its own. Like all good champagne buckets, it’s highly effective in keeping pre-chilled wines cold, and rapidly lowering the temperature of tepid wines before they are served- but it’s the look that really sets it apart from everyday coolers. 
Put the bucket on display around the home when not in use, to show off the gorgeous, ethereal swirling pattern. The glass body is hand finished with a zinc firing process creating beautiful shimmering patterns with hints of purples, pinks and greys, meaning that each piece is completely unique.
If you can bear to part with it, a good-quality champagne bucket makes a lovely housewarming or wedding gift for someone special. Or, skip the sacrifice, and order two!
  • Single bottle champagne bucket
  •  Suitable for all bottles types, including still wine
  •  Made from glass with brass finished metal handles
  •  Hand finished
  •  Handwash only 
  • Variant: PIECE (1X1)
  • Brand: BarCraft