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Non-Stick Brown Milk Jug 340ml/12oz

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GenWare Beverage items are designed to cover a wide range of applications. Unbreakable vacuum pots and jugs provide excellent heat retention, making them ideal for conferencing, meetings and corporate events. Insulated jugs in white and black offer stylish beverage service that complements ceramic tableware. Cafetieres are available in all sizes, with tough Pyrex glass and good quality materials make these perfect for service of coffee and speciality teas.
•Perfect for beverages, latte art, frothing and texturising milk
•Designed for use with steam-based milk frothers
•Non-stick coating for easy cleaning
•Available in additional colours

  • Variant: PIECE (1X1)
  • SKU: NV-MJ12BR
  • Brand: Neville's