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Case Size | PIECE (1X1)

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A comprehensive range of kitchenware and utensils, covering all of the requirements of the chef and professional caterer. Ranges have been developed with chefs, and are fit for purpose in a professional kitchen environment. Materials are selected to provide the optimum balance of resistance to wear, rigidity and value. Kitchenware and Utensils covers a broad range of essential catering products, including cutting boards, mixing bowls, tongs, ladles, colanders and scales.
•Polycarbonate construction is durable and withstands tough use
•Versatile product suitable for a range of food stuff including flour and even ice
•This scoop is great for scooping large quantities, especially ice from ice machines to bar areas
•Ergonomic handle makes it easier to hold and use
•Temperature range: -40 to 100C

  • Variant: PIECE (1X1)
  • SKU: NV-4332-07
  • Brand: Neville's

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